Welsh Lady Preserves

This project was to create the brand identity for Welsh Lady, who are a traditional family run Jam company.

The deliverables of the project were to create the logo and branding and apply it to stationary and the two labels for Strawberry Preserve and Lemon Curd.

The project was different but fun and had its restrictions such as label sizing, but I felt that the final design worked well and gave off the premium feel that the company would of wanted.

The branding began with the logo which I took inspiration from traditional welsh houses and applied to the logo to give the impression of the family ran company, the houses are usually odd shaped and with chimneys and this is why the logo is not centred at the peak. I felt as a jam company and from wales the logo should have some colour so I decided on a touch of red to separate from the black.

Once the logo was at a good stage I began to design the labels for the jam jars which I wanted to have a clean and simplistic premium feel to them, after some development and changes I removed more colour from it and left the colour for the typography and felt a low opacity cream colour would work better than plain white but the lack of colour references to the more up market companies.

I like the difference in Sans and Sans Serif fonts as well as the colour differences and felt my hierarchy has started to improve more, once the labels were almost complete I then started on the stationary and branding working towards keeping them consistent throughout the design such as colours and typefaces.

Finally I created the signage and van livery again keeping consistent with colours and fonts and then mocked up my final labels on jars, photographing them for the final presentation.

I felt the design was a success and really enjoyed doing it and was a little glad it was finally finished.


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