Travel Bliss Branding project

Branding and poster project for travel company for up market buyers and an older target market.

For this project the brief was to create the Logo and stationary for Travel Bliss as well as a series of four posters advertising the new brochure and locations.

The brief had some constraints with three colour choices for the logo and stationary and also two font choices, the posters allowed for more development and freedom with colour but I stuck to the same font choices as the stationary.

The logo is to represent a wave, water or a sail which are constantly moving or traveling across the world to all these amazing locations, I used the blue colour for obvious reasons to represent the water and I think the logo has movement and the line splitting the wave in two also gives it a nice finish.

For the stationary I applied the logo and kept the rest minimal and a more premium feel to it, for the business card I added five curved, dotted lines to the front with the logo to represent the flight paths of the plane going to the 5 different locations. The dots are also consistent with the stationary and are included along the bottom of the letterhead and compliments slip, if the client wanted I would also have the dots embossed.

For the posters I wanted to show the locations that were being offered but I didn’t want to use the usual photographs so decided to go for a vector illustration which I designed myself and then applied the logo and typography. The posters give a classic, retro style but will still stand out and catch the eye as well as providing scope for further development such as the brochure.logo.jpg


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