Joys of the English Language

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like bananas


This project was to choose a subject and create a typographic 16 page editorial, with the freedom to do as you please.

I went with Joys of the English Language as I felt I could mix the interesting words and phrases in our language with the use of typography from a design perspective. My aim was to use only words and letters to portray my ideas with as little imagery as possible, I felt this was a good project for our own freedom of expression and it was one of my favourite projects to work on.

I took some interesting aspects of the English language such as Oxymorons, Wordplays and Homophones and took a typographic approach to explaining or showing the words. For example the Oxymoron ‘Hell angels’ I used simple indicators for the two words, ‘Hell’ I added devil horns to the ‘S’ and also used colour to influence the word by having a red background and the word ‘Hell’ in black and ‘Angels’ in white.

I also used some marbling techniques for backgrounds and fill in type as I felt some solid colours were to boring or flat and the trippy technique worked well on the printed recycled paper.

I enjoyed expressing my own styles and freedom on this project and particularly challenging myself to create a design using only letters.


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