The Big Bad World

Stepping out from a college environment and into the world is the next chapter in life.

After finishing my graphic design degree this year and no real desire to continue into the honors I’ve found that my need to continue designing still burns bright but the opportunities to do so is harder without the college incentive or set up briefs,

The thought sometimes crosses my mind in this limbo stage that I should of maybe stayed in college to have design work available and help my social media presence but I feel as long as I keep on it, I can do this in my own time and design what I want. I still want to challenge myself with tutorials and new skills and will try to give myself briefs that I can work with and advertise my freelance work more often.

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Propaganda art during the war

Propaganda began in the first world war and quickly became the method of spreading hate and fear


Originating in World War One as literature thrown out of planes into enemy territory, propaganda frequently contained text slating the enemy and backing the ‘winning’ nation. The Volume of World War One propaganda was unprecedented due to its smart wording and rapid experimentation. Moving from literature, the power of the image was becoming recognized as portraying powerful emotion, by 1916, 7 million leaflets had originated from the Bureau, World War 2 saw tens of thousands of different leaflets and posters dropped in there billions by airplane.

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