Doodle for life

Whenever there is time to travel I bring out my book to doodle the time away


As a designer working mainly on a computer I still enjoy going back to my roots and drawing, usually it involves just doodling with a simple bic pen and I love creating shapes, patterns and tones to fill the page and eventually become a trippy like doodle.

My book is filled with pages upon pages of these doodles each one different in its own way and all varying in colour and style, sometimes they are circles, sometimes jagged edges and some include images.

I really enjoy doing this when I travel as a way to pass time and I also really enjoy seeing how a blank page can be filled with so much colour and textures. They are influenced by an acidic style that can be looked at many times and you are able to find new things and parts to the drawings.

I also like to use some mix media styles with the drawings so I enjoy creating a wash or ink styled background which I let dry in before starting a doodle over it, this is a fun idea and technique which lets me follow the ink runs and gives a colourful background which pops through the pen doodles.

My aim is to eventually fill my whole black book with these doodle styles so when it is flicked through it is a mass of colour and patterns and can eventually be shared as a personal project. I also try to stray from my favourite styles by creating a different drawing, image or even a piece of type to fill a page, but I still like having the rough, acidic styles to them.

These drawings are majorly finished on my train journeys and commute to college and work as well as any spare time I have available, I find it a really relaxing style that helps my free my mind of all the design and computer work that I do usually.

There is always time to relax and clear the mind a bit but I can never stray to far away from something that is creative.

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