Eden Festival 2017

Located in Dumfries and Galloway Eden is one of Scotland’s biggest festivals


I am preparing to attend one of my favourite times of the year, festival season.

This will be my second year attending Eden and it blew me away the first time with its size, community, music and art. The festival lasts 4 days from the Thursday 8th of June until the Monday 12th and is four days of amazing sights, sounds and smells.

The event prides itself in its traditional Scottish roots and music as well as introducing new talented musicians and classic artists back to really get the crowd going. The music varies from Acoustic sets and folk music to DJ’s and musicians playing Soul, Reggae, Ska, Hip-hop, and Rock.


The festival has a wonderful blend of arts and music which holds this four day community together and is an amazing feeling to be a part of, as a family festival it offers many other activities such as arts, crafts, stone carving, learn instruments, painting, old school drive in cinema and much more.

The experience and size of the site will never be forgotten and this year will hopefully be another to remember and I will aim to photograph as much as possible.

This year artists such as Bony M, Jungle, Eva Lazurus, Mungos Hi-Fi, So Solid Crew, Cat Power, Alabama 3, 2 many Dj’s and Horsemeat Disco. Alot of crazy names with a variety of music to send the crowd jumping.

So once college is finished I can escape to the forest and the music for a few days and relax after 3 years studying at this college, it is the perfect haven for getting away with some good friends and craft beers. If you haven’t checked out this place before then I would highly recommend it. 🙂


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