Just for fun #1

Sometimes when I just need to relax this style saves me


I know I love to design when in my spare time I cant help but finding myself still at my computer and creating something. I really love making something from nothing and making it all come together, and this style really helps me learn new techniques and I enjoy how I can relax when I make this designs.

They are poster styled illustrations which use only lines to create the imagery and gives off a really cool Deco style. I create the design on Illustrator focusing on just the line work eventually taking it into Photoshop, I will seperate the fill colours on a seperate layer meanign when i hide the outline layer the colour only remains with the white background showing through the lines that have been hidden.

Its a fun style and I enjoy working with the colours and tints to create the final designs, I feel they have a really cool poster effect and could work well on magazines, posters, record art, skateboards and even as graffiti.


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