SWG3 Yardworks 2017

On the first weekend of May, SWG3 put together Glasgows first graffiti festival with great success.



SWG3 an event warehouse in Glasgow put together one of Glasgows first graffiti festival over two days and it was recieved with open arms.

The event showcased great Graffiti artists and styles from across the world with artists such as Akme, Asone, Rougeone, Smug, Mark Worst and Inkie all showing their own styles and techniques. Aswell as the great art the family and dog friendly event offered food, craft beer and good times with a relaxing and laid back atmosphere.

Walking around the huge outdoor compound on one of the hottest weekends of the year so far was a great experience with artists having there selected wall which they would work over the weekend, starting from scratch and becoming masterpeices by the end of it.


The setup of the area was all outside with walls being covered by each artist and a huge maze in the middle again with every artist covering a wall with their own unique styles, the people were friendly and the artists would talk to you if you approached them.

There was so many styles being showcased from photorealism, stencil art, abstract, characters, hand lettering and classic and new graffiti text styles. The varity was a great sight to see and the community styled crowd seemed to really enjoying watching this live exhibition.

Seeing so many styles was a great insight into the graffiti world and from a graphic designers perspective it was really inspiring to see people creating hand lettered typography from scratch and was really cool seeing how the process works.


The event really showcased the positives of graffiti art and that it is a art form more than anything now and it was really inspiring to see so much art in one place. The great weather and craft beer helped make a enjoyable day and the great response it received will hopefully result in another one next year.


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