Flying Lotus and co have built an empire that has influenced the music world.

I feel music and art can go hand in hand together and Brainfeeders music label does just that, signing great musicians who can also create their own art aswell as having great record artwork from other artists.

Brainfeeder was created by Dj/producer ‘Flying Lotus’ one of my favourite musicians, influenced by rappers such as J Dilla, Madlib, MF Doom and hip hop and electronic music he released 4 amazing albums since 2008, with Warp Records starting with his brilliant ‘Los Angeles’ to his most recent ‘Your Dead’. His early life he sent some music into Cartoon Network after seeing an advertisment and they accepted, his debut album ‘1983’ was very influenced by beat types and styles, he now also works with Hannibal Burres for his Comedy central show providing jokes, sound effects and music interludes.

Flylo has worked with musicians such as Earl sweatshirt, Tyler the creator, Thom Yorke, Snoopdog, Gaslamp Killer, Pharell Williams and Erykah Badu aswell as working on albums by Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat.

Once moved from Warp Records he created his own label Brainfeeder wanting to  gathering great varied musicians such as The Underacheivers, Gaslamp Killer, Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, Gonja Sufi, Samiyam, Lapalux and Teebz. I love all the interesting genres mixed with the artwork that some of these musicians make themselves to the record covers that are all always interesting to look at from drawings to graphic art.

Teebz is a musician signed to Brainfeeder that creates his own album covers aswell as general artwork that uses a cool blend of mix media, abstract, paint, drawing and photography. I love looking at his work and how it can also work so well on an album cover, the colours and distortion is a really nice style that works with his music.

I really enjoy looking at different record covers and how different mediums can portray something about the album or artist if its photography, something simple or detailed or even just typography its always cool to look at and can be a factor in buying or listening to it. The variety in Brainfeeders arsenal of musicians provides a host of cool artwork and designs and inspires me to try and get into such an industry and to also create record art if given the chance.

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