The art of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a lifestyle I have enjoyed since early 2000 and I’v been soaking in its culture, styles and artwork ever since, its the perfect way to express yourself whoever you are and the artwork is no different, I’m inspired by the companies and the artists themselves as well as social media helping to see it all.

Board graphics, posters, magazines and videos all had and still have their own styles and attitudes appealing to all walks of life around the world as one big family. Some of my favourite artwork comes from brands such as Santa Cruz, Baker, Deathwish, Mystery, Plan B and all have their own unique styles and techniques varying from hand drawn illustrations to full out graphic design and all this really attracts me towards the lifestyle.

The dont give a fuck attitude of some companies with crude art and language still becomes popular due to the pro’s and there video parts and the artwork that runs side by side with it, skateboarding is about having fun and doing what you want and it shouldnt be any different for the artists creating this artwork to express their own feelings and emotions, sometimes the artwork can contain political, world or mainstream problems.


Board graphics and artwork within the industry is so different with artists across the world creating work inspired by Graffiti, Pop art, Minimalism, Abstract, Drawing, Mix Medias, Deco, Gothic, Futurism, Psychedelic and Native styles.


Thrasher still have a dont care attitude although they have quickly became mainstream due to skateboardings rise in popularity and style, this still doesnt stop them from telling celebrities and people that dont skate to stop wearing their stuff.

I think it was because it wasnt mainstream or popular at first that reeled me into skating in general and the artwork with it, the idea of working for a skate brand or pro is a really inspiring thought and would be something I would love to try to acheive in the future.

I can spend ages looking through pages of skateboard designs from the simple to the bold, to the colourfull detailed pieces that can be mezmorizing and really graphic inspired. Even the logos themselves are inspiring from simple corporate styles to more graphic, illustrated styles depicting imagery with typography, I can even admire a well built skatepark from time to time.

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