Netflix’s new show on different designers is an inspiring watch. Episode 1

Abstract is a new series which focuses on design and the different ways it is used around the world, the episodes cover topics such as Graphic design, Illustration, Architecture and even Shoe design following the respected artist in their life.

I’m not one for watching arty documentaries maybe Banksys ‘Exit through the gift shop’ or tattoos but when I first started watching an episode on Graphic Designer ‘Paula Scher’ I was instantly hooked and enjoying it.

Maybe it was because it was the first episode I had put on, or I knew how big Paula Scher and Pentagram are as a Graphic Designer myself, but it was a really good watch. The episode gave an insight into top designers roles within a company and that designers never really switch off.

I felt like I could relate to what Paula was doing in her everyday life, looking for design and typography in the streets, taking it all in, drawing ideas while traveling and it was refreshing to see someone still loving what they do after so long. The way the documentary is filmed is enjoyable as I like seeing how people get to where they are now and this shows all the previous work Paula did from record albums to posters and branding, capturing the rise of her name.

I still take inspiration from past Graphic design work and it was really interesting to see Paula’s record covers and the story behind designing ‘Public’ Theater in New York a poster which became such a hit that she refreshed the whole identity in 2008, she explained in a way that made me rethink about the way I look at logo design and that as brand its more than just a logo but the soul and identity of a company.

As a young designer soon to be looking for work in the industry it was a perfect insight into how these places operate and the working environment I would be involved in, its something that is intimidating but also exciting to look forward to stepping into and I also love seeing workshops and work spaces that allow you to express yourself.

I’m definitely hooked into seeing the other episodes even though some aren’t what i would usually think about such as Architecture and fashion but as I progress in my own design story I’m appreciating art in all its forms.

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